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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is widely considered to be the best effective option for restoring hair because it is a permanent, generally simple technique, and it accomplishes a natural look. A hair transplant utilizes the latest FUE custom methodology, making a consistent transition as delicate, soft and silky just like the original hairline, and results that look totally natural and undetectable. Hair loss and thinning hair are common problems in both men and women. Almost all males experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime and almost one in five women will experience some degree of hair loss. One of the most common reasons for men and women to consider hair restoration is to overcome what they perceive to be an ageinappropriate appearance. For some of these people the psychological effects are by far the worst elements of their hair loss.

  • FUT Method
  • FUE Method

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving , Hair Bonding or Hair Silicon System  (Also Known as Hair Fixing or Non Surgical hair replacement / Non Surgical hair transplantations)  is the best solution to cure the partial baldness. It gives u 100%  Natural Hair  Look in no time.  At our clinic we  provide the solution for all kind of  hair problem. Our experienced team of doctors & hair experts specialize in the latest hair replacement techniques  (Baldness Treatment) 

Our Services    

Hair Weaving

Hair  Weaving Hi-Tech Non Surgical 100%  Safe Pain  Less 2 Hours Procedure Permanent  Fixing  Natural Looking.

Hair Silicon System

Hair  Silicon  System Advanced  Procedure 100%  Safe Pain  Less 2 Hours Procedure Permanent  Fixing Natural Looking.

Hair Bonding

Hair  Bonding Pain Less  Treatment 100%  Non Surgical Detachable System Washable Maintenance  Free Natural Looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hair Replacement / Hair Fixing?
Hair replacement / Hair Fixing is a non surgical treatment to cure the partial .Hair replacement  basically involves fixing additional strands of hair (Hair Patch) to the Baldness area.

Is hair replacement / Hair Fixing suitable for completely bald people?
No, hair replacement / Hair Fixing can be done only to the partial bald scalp.

What is the different between Hair wigs & Hair Patch (hair system, hair piece, Hair unit)?
Hair patch is a kind of hair wigs but they are smaller in size & very naturally looking than the full wigs. Hair wigs is suitable only for completely bald scalp.

What is Hair Bonding, Hair Weaving & Hair Silicon system?
Hair  Bonding, Hair  Weaving & Hair Silicon system are the different  techniques of Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing.

What is different between Hair  Bonding, Hair Weaving & Hair Silicon system?
Hair weaving & Hair silicon system are fixed procedure & hair bonding is detachable procedure. In case of hair weaving & hair silicon system, you can do all your daily activities normally - like taking bath, swimming, Gym, playing etc. Or we can say you can treat like your own hair. In case of hair bonding you need to remove the hair patch before  taking bath or swim , or you need to take extreme cure while taking bath , swimming, Gym, playing .

What is Hair  Weaving?
Hair  Weaving is a one of the technique of Hair Replacement / Hair Fixing, where we fixed the Hair Patch or hair System with finely braided base; braided base is made by taking support of your existing hair without any harm to the skin, Hair Weaving is fixed procedure.

How Long does it take to have Hair  Weaving?
Hair Weaving procedure about 2hrs

What is Hair Silicon System or Silicone Hair Fixing ?
Hair Silicon System or Silicone Hair Fixing is also one of the techniques of Hair Replacement / Hair Fixing , where we fixed the Hair Patch or hair System on your scalp by applying the Silicone gel.

Is Silicone gel is safe for Skin?
Yes , silicone gel is safe for the skin.

Can I take bath after silicone hair fixing?
Yes, you can take bath normally after fixing.

Can I thoroughly brush my hair?
Yes, daily brushing and combing is essential for keeping your Hair system in good condition and prevent matting and tangling.

Which procedure is better - Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing or hair Transplant?
Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing is better to hair transplants because it is a non surgical & you can get the proper volume or density compare to Hair Transplant within no time. By Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing you can have a gorgeous and naturally looking head of hair in relatively little time, you can make the hair style it in any ways you prefer. It gives you the 100% natural look. In case of hair transplant you can't get the proper volume or density compare to your own hair.

Do I have to use specific products to maintain hair system,?
No, you are free to use any products (shampoo, Conditioner) you desire .

Is hair replacement/ Hair Fixing is suitable for both Ladies & gents?
Yes , Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing is suitable for both.

Is Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing looks natural?
Yes, It  gives you the 100% natural look; no one can make out whether you have done the Hair replacement.

Which hair style or Hair look I can get after hair replacement or hair Fixing?
Our experienced team of hair experts specialize in the latest hair replacement techniques can provide you any hair style or Hair look.

Laser Hair removal

Laser Hair removal

An alternative to threading, waxing, bleaching & electrolysis. Both men and women alike are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past – thanks to the laser hair removal technology at Cambridge Hair & Skin Clinic.

  • Benefits
  • No threading
  • No Waxing
  • No Bleaching
  • Cool Chill tip for Pain Free Treatments.